15 tips to train bartenders to be great Using POS Software

Having good bartenders is an important part of any business. Here are 15 tips to help you get the most out your bartenders and how to train them to be great!

Use an Employee Handbook

This is a good way to teach new bartenders how to be good at their job.  This should include everything such as what level of professionalism is needed, how to request time off and calling out any anti-harassment policies, and how to handle conflict since that does come to pass when you’re dealing with drunk and rowdy customers.

Have Them Certified

You really shouldn’t have them be otherwise, but getting them certified either in TAM, TIPS, or ServSafe Alcohol is the best way to do it.  Full-fledged schooling is also encouraged too!

Host teaching glasses and lessons

Some of the best bars in the world actually host tastings where bartenders can talk about their craft and recommendations.  If you train your other employees on the drinks that you are making, this can make a huge difference, and people will like coming here because your employees know what they’re doing.

Have them Learn to be Hospitable

This is a big part of it because, in order to be successful, you need to have a good attitude to yourself. Smiling and greeting patrons when they sit down and getting employees to say thanks for coming when they leave can change the way service happens.

Encourage them to keep the bar clean

A clean bar is the best way to show professionalism, so make sure that you get into the habit of constantly cleaning the space.

Start to Suggest

Suggesting what drinks are good is a great way to show to customers that hey, you care about the experience you want to give them. You can make suggestions if you notice someone looking at the menu a lot, any drink specials, or for regulars, try to suggest something new, or a new spirit that was just in stock.

Train your Brain

Remembering what drinks to make is important, and you have to start to train your memory. Even if it’s just flashcards, remembering drinks every single day will help you look more professional, and be a better bartender.

Anticipate what You’re going to have Happen

Bartenders always need to be aware of whatever is going on, so be prepared for the unexpected, especially low stock and inventory, especially lemons and limes, and clean glasses.  Always be on the lookout for these

Train Free-Pouring

Some bars use jiggers, some bars prefer not to use them, and it gives off an impression about how the bar staff knows their stuff. So, you should make sure to train for free and very accurate levels of pouring. You can work on trying this out, and practice it before you do anything else.

Know the Health and Safety Risks

As a bartender, make sure that you know the common heath mistakes.  Never scoop ice with a glass, touch the rim of a guest’s glass, or use dirty towels to reuse glasses.  This is a big no-no, so make sure you don’t do it.

Shadow as a barback before you become a bartender

Shadowing allows you to learn how bars are supposed to work, and a shadowing and mentoring program actually helps bars grow up to double what they made the year before. It helps make people better and more skilled in the art of bartending.

POS Training

Bartenders need to know POS systems, and this is a big thing.  You should know how to split a check, know the store’s pre-authorization rules, and you should know how to record that so that the rest of the staff knows that a drink is out, and they can check the inventory. A POS system(like the ones on toppossytem.com) affects operations immensely, so knowing this is very important.

Learn the Liquor and glass location

Knowing what glasses to pair with which drinks is a skill that every bartender should know. By understanding this early on, you’ll definitely improve how customers see you. For example, never put a craft beer in a wine glass. That should be obvious, but people do it.

Know when to Cut a Person Off

Over-serving customers create a lot of problems, such as the potential for violence, DIUs, and that can result in death. Sloppy patrons also cause the bar to lose class in some people’s eyes, so make sure that you brush up on knowing when to cut a person off.  You should be trained in the policy used to cut a person off. Remember, you can only have so much alcohol before it affects a person, and if you don’t’ want to have to worry about the potential legal implications of this, always make sure that you know when to quit, and know when to cut a person off before it’s too late.

Always consider Continuing Education

Finally, always try to get some continuing education. Now, this one is a bit harder to figure out, since there is a lot of well, bad classes out there. The challenge is finding an effective school that works, and you should find one that teaches you advanced mixology. DrinkSkool is a good one, since it can teach you the basics as a refresher, but goes into advanced tips and ways to be a better bartender.   This one is a great one, and advanced bartenders will definitely want to look into this.

Working at highly curated bars might require more advanced courses, and while it might cost money, there is a good chance that this is worth the investment.

Being a good bartender can be hard, but with these tips, you can get better at your job than ever before!