10 Must-Have Smartphone Apps for Studying Abroad

Students all over the world are familiar with smartphone apps, and they use a lot of those apps. Some of those apps are time-consuming, and some of them are educative. There are some apps that students find very helpful when they are studying abroad. These applications can help you communicate with your friends and family members, study your texts, manage your money, and travel better.

1. Convert Units

When you are in a country far away from your own, you need to do many things differently. You may find it hard to figure out grams and kilograms and convert other units.

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The app works without any data connection. If you want to use only a few study apps, use it. This is a really handy and useful application. If you do not want to use a lot of smartphone programs, use at least this one.

2. Skype

If you have Skype installed on your phone, you will not have to bring your laptop when you need to video chat. By purchasing Skype credit, you can also call cell phones and landlines.

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3. Skyscanner

This is one of the best smartphone apps you can use when you are studying abroad. If you miss your flight and you are in need of a new one, this application can help you find your last-minute option.

This is one of the best applications for studying abroad. In search results, it shows budget airlines, unlike Expedia and Kayak. You find this app really helpful if you miss a flight.

4. Workout Trainer

Students studying abroad tend to get out of shape because they do not take regular physical exercise. This application can help those students stay in shape. You can find numerous workouts that you can do in your room, without equipment.

Workout Trainer is one of the most useful apps for study because it helps you keep physically and mentally fit. It tells you what exercises you can do and shows ways to do them. Moreover, there are motivational phrases to help you keep going.

5. Oanda Currency Converter

Students who study abroad have to visit different countries where they have to do some currency exchanging. This currency converter can give you current rates if you connect it to WiFi. However, you can still use the application even when it is not connected to the internet.

This is one of the best apps for traveling abroad. If you have this converter installed on your smartphone, you will not have to convert huge sums in your head. For an international student, it can be one of the most useful smartphone apps.

6. Evernote

Evernote is one of the best smartphone apps for students. Whether you study abroad or in your own country, you will find this app helpful. Evernote is among the top studying apps. On Evernote, you can write notes, save travel information, and add drawings.

Evernote is one of the best study abroad apps. If you have a desktop version of this app, your notes will automatically sync to that app. If you want to keep your life organized, this app can be very helpful.

7. BBC weather

If you study in a country where you have to deal with extreme weather conditions, BBC Weather is a great application to use. No matter where you are, you can know whether there will be a sudden drop in temperature. You can know whether it is sunny or cloudy back in your country. If for any reason, you have to know weather conditions, you will find this app very useful.

8. Spotify

If you are a music fan studying abroad, Spotify will help you get in touch with your favorite music band. Once you have downloaded Spotify, you will be able to listen to music on the go. With the help of this app, you can access different types of music. There is another advantage of using Spotify. If you are a student, you can become a member at half price.

9. Google Translate

If you are currently studying in a country where your mother tongue is not spoken, you will find Google Translate very helpful. 80 different languages can be translated with this app. Apart from the text, you will get that translation through speech and handwriting. Keep it on your list of apps that will help you study.

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The app is completely free. Most smartphone users are familiar with this app. What many users don’t know is that an offline version of this app is available, which is also very helpful.

10. Moovit

Moovit makes it easy to track public transport. Moovit has been designed to reduce your suffering, because you no longer have to wait for your bus, in the scorching sun. Suppose, you have to get from A to B. Moovit helps you find a quick route. Just download and install Moovit on your smartphone, and you will no longer have to worry about catching the last train.