Why Brands Choose To Invest In SEO Before Other Marketing Ventures

Investing in SEO is a maneuver that smart brands utilise to maximise their exposure. Outsourcing your SEO work and leaving the grit work to experts is a great option.

Regardless of their niche or their financial position, SEO continues to pave the way for sustainable growth when compared to print advertising, radio spots and other online and offline efforts.

Once a brand has become established and successful through optimisation, they are in a better position to use these alternative methods to compliment these endeavours.

Here we will discuss why businesses start with the SEO tactic first.
SEO Advantage 1: Cost Effective

Extensive reports have outlined just how cost effective authentic SEO is against other types of marketing ventures. Print media still earns cut-through in certain types of environments and under particular circumstances, but they are projects that cost a lot to generate attention. This is an activity that only requires a savvy application of diligent skills that are applicable across the board. Rarely will it impact the bottom line unless the investment is significant.
SEO Advantage 2: Sustainable

Once operators understand the skills necessary to run an SEO campaign, the processes become self-sustainable over time. Having understood the tricks of the trade where written content, indexing, markup and mobile compatibility are just part of the equation, the next steps become easier for the participants. They are learned behaviours that transition into other departments, whereas most marketing ventures are transactional and become a ‘one and done’ process that lacks any long-term value.
SEO Advantage 3: Real Time Results and Analysis

Can a magazine outlet inform a client how many views their advertisement at the back received? Can a billboard provider explain to a customer how many drivers on the road took notice of their message? This is where digital optimisation campaigns have the edge, offering users the chance to access real time results and analysis that goes into depth about the quality of the promotion.
SEO Advantage 4: Improves Intellectual Property for a Brand

Even if a brand decides to outsource their search engine optimisation for the short-term, they can still learn about the craft and pick up on techniques that will help their standing in future years. Others that engage in an education improve their intellectual property and that knowledge becomes an asset for the company to leverage across marketing campaigns.
SEO Advantage 5: Adaptable

For SEO operators, they are empowered to make a switch when it suits their needs without having to wait on a third party. This is especially true when dealing with local printers or media executives who already have a campaign ready and programmed to go, giving no flexibility or leeway with their client. If part of the messaging needs to change or a notice has to be issued, that can be engaged at the flick of a switch.
SEO Advantage 6: In Line With Current and Future Trends

According to SEO Shark, out of 24 million Australian citizens in 2018, 14.7 million were considered active internet users – making it approximately 6 out of every 10 citizens. This is why so many brands have decided that SEO is not just the future but the present. Just between June and December of 2018 alone there was an increase of 3.6%, illustrating how rapid a rise this will be given the spread of the NBN and the boom of smartphone use.
SEO Advantage 7: Many Businesses Don’t Know or Don’t Use Optimisation

One of the greatest pieces of rationale behind the use of this tactic is that many businesses on a local level don’t have any awareness or sense of urgency about the value of the practice. While they throw money at print media and crafting brochures and radio spots, others are deciding to fish where the fish are and back digital visibility.