7 Essential Elements to Improve Workplace Productivity in 2020

The year 2020 might have started off well but the later months turned out to be quite challenging for all. Where people across the globe have been struggling to stay healthy and avoid the risk of getting exposed to the virus, business leaders have been dealing with continuity issues. To put it this way, the world has been targeting two things. 

  • Human existence, and 
  • Business continuity

While the orders passed by the government to stay-at-home and avoid social gatherings have worked well, reducing the threat of the virus to human life, this has caused serious problems for the organizations and corporate companies. Even though managers have resorted to the work from culture, the overall productivity suffers. If you find yourself on the same page, here are a few elements that will help you keep up with your business needs ensuring optimal efficiency and end-to-end productivity.

7 Elements to Boost Workplace Productivity in 2020 

  1. Sound Strategy

The first thing to do is to sketch out a plan. Even though you might have drafted one at the beginning of the year, the same doesn’t stand still post the COVID-19 crisis. In order to keep up with the changing demands and sentiments, it’s time you revisit the strategies and come up with something that is both flexible and futureproof. 

  1. A robust communication system

Next, you need to have a two-way communication system. Your traditional telephone lines would no longer be feasible as your employees aren’t working from the office premises. Since everyone around is working remotely, there is a need for a virtual communication system

If you are looking for a number with a specific area extension, you are in dire need of a virtual phone number from cNumber or similar service providers.

  1. Chatbots or Automated Response System

You may or may not be active throughout the day but keeping your customers on hold isn’t the right way to conduct business operations. You must have a back-up plan in place to deal with customers that connect at odd hours of the day. Put simply you need to have a 24/7 live agent. Hence, the need for chatbots or an IVR facility. 

  1. Smart Search Mechanism

Industrialization 4.0 has taken the world by storm. Massive transformation is on board and so you must have a system that gives your employees the ease to perform smart searches. From AI to ML, a range of technologies can be used to perform a high-level search. So, it’s time you deploy cognitive enterprise search methods in your day-to-day operations.

  1. Integrate Enterprise-grade Solutions 

Next in line are the ERP and the CRM software. The fact that more and more software is flooding the industry, there is a need to embrace them to keep up with the market trends and also ensure workplace efficiency. The said tools are so designed that they help streamline business operations. This further allows the leaders to keep track of everything that’s happening within the organization, boosting overall productivity. 

  1. Address Security

Enhancing your everyday operations, the enterprise software, and overall infrastructure, you are bound to face security issues and software glitches. A single space when left unattended would leave room for security breach and so the need to have a robust plan. Scan through the system or hire an expert that will help you keep your system updated and free from hacks and bugs. Look out for firewalls, and additional software that would turn the system protected and secured.

  1. Collaboration Tools 

Lastly, make sure you have all of the important collaboration tools that you need to keep in touch with your team members. Communication is not only about the customers but in order to assure better workflow, you must have uninterrupted communication with your teammates. This is where you need to have the software tools, and additional virtual tech to stay connected with all. 


Having said all of the above, one thing to note is that you may or may not need all of the above. What’s best for your organization depends upon the needs and end to end requirements. So, assess your existing infrastructure while looking for 0191 area code or other similar area codes, point out the gaps and then march forward to redesign your infrastructure and strive for a better workplace. In the end, never miss out on using virtual phone numbers, like the one cNumber provides, in order to gain the trust of your customers.