7 Best Keylogger Apps for Android Phone in 2020

Android keylogging is a famous method to get information from a device. Recording someone’s keyboard strokes to get the confidential data from their device is known as keylogging. The use of this technique was so technical that only experts did keylogging for their users.

 However, it is no longer a  secret now. Anyone can Keylog a device by using one of the phone monitoring applications. Today, you will learn about the 7 best keylogger apps for android phones that work in 2020 and beyond. With these applications, you can record and check the texts from any device without touching it. 

You can check more Android Keylogger tools from the official website of Minspy. 


Minspy is the first choice of every professional to get confidential data out of an android device. It is a phone tracking application that can be installed on an android device to monitor its activities. The application comes with some powerful tools (including a keylogger) that can get any information from a machine.

It works by installing a 2MB setup on the device secretly. It starts recording all of the data of the device that can be accessed by creating a new account on Minspy’s website.

With this application, you can check someone’s messages, location, photos, videos, browsing history, and much more. Hence, you can go for this application for android keylogging as well. Remember that there is no need to root the targeted device to monitor its activities. 

Just follow the three steps from their installation guide and keylog any Android device online.

Reasons to Use Minspy for Android Keylogging

Here are the main reasons for using Minspy for Android keylogging:

Advanced Filters: It comes with some advanced filters that make it easier to know where the user typed the text. 

Stealth Mode: This feature is crucial while keylogging an android device. It will protect your identity from the user whose phone you are keylogging.

Affordable: It offers keylogging services at the most affordable price. 


Spyier works as an excellent alternative to Minspy for android keylogging. This application is trusted by more than a million users for its phone monitoring features. The Android keylogger of this platform comes with some of the best filters. Hence, you can trust this application for a complete keylogging experience.

It provides location tracking services that can show the real-time location of any device too. Additionally, many features allow you to retrieve data from a device remotely. Check out their demo to understand how keylogging works.


Spyine comes with an attractive design and offers some on-screen tips for their visitors. Experts use this application to monitor modern smartphones remotely. Android keylogging is one of the most popular features that you get on the membership of this platform.

Hence, you can try this application out, and decide whether you want to perform an Android keylog with this one. We love the fact that Spyine’s website does not require you to sign up for a membership before trying its services. Just click on their demo and use a sample device to get used to their features. After that, you can decide whether to go for it or not.


This application is a bit different than the previous ones that we covered in this article. It is used as a parental control feature by the parents to track their kid’s activities. However, it still works as a phone monitoring application online. 

It manages to be ranked on our list because of its Android keylogger. You can find multiple filters on the keylogger of Spyic’s application as well. It will show all the messages based on the application where they were sent.

Additionally, you can track all the passwords that they have mentioned through the keyboard of their Android device.


Android keylogging requires you to get access to an Android phone to monitor it. Although it does not require a rooted device, you may still need to get their phone for one-time use. Considering this situation, Neatspy has created a faster solution to verify the device.

With this application, you can connect to any Android device within a few minutes. Hence, you won’t need to ask someone for their device for a long time. 

The only limitation of Neatspy’s website is its keylogger that may not offer the advanced filters to organize the messages.


Here is another excellent tool to monitor someone’s mobile activities. Employers use this advanced application to track their employee’s actions. Additionally, there is a fully functioning Android keylogger that works without rooting the device.

You can consider this application for a complete phone monitoring solution. Additionally, there are some easy to use tools that do an excellent job in tracking the location of a device.


Cocospy is another option for Keylogging an Android device. With this application, you can check someone’s login credentials, text messages, passwords, and other data quickly. Additionally, some users have used this application to check the calendar and events of the targeted device.

Using the tools of this application, one can perform a complete phone monitoring of any person. Hence, it came out as an excellent solution for experts and beginners in phone tracking and monitoring. 

Final Words

Android keylogging can be a tricky thing for beginners. With the latest security updates from Android, it becomes much harder to keylog a device remotely. However, these seven applications are still working in 2020 for Android keylogging.

You can choose any one of them and install the setup on the targeted device. Once the phone is verified, you can start getting their keystrokes on the dashboard of your online account. It also offers several other phone monitoring features that work for everyone. 

Hence, you no longer need to use the old techniques to get some data out of a device. Additionally, you can find an installation guide on Minspy’s website, in case you are not familiar with Keylogging or Phone Monitoring.