Do Designers Need A Graphics Tablet?

Artists and designers are at the top of the list of potential buyers of graphics tablets, because their activity is directly related to drawing. As for web designers, their job is just to create art on the computer. Of course, drawing graphically with a pen on a digitized sheet of paper makes the process much easier, more pleasant and more accurate than with a computer mouse. You can say that it comes out more natural – like a work done with a brush on an easel, only digitally.

Advantages of a graphics drawing tablet

New features.

With this device you can achieve really clean colors, on a graphics tablet it is easier to depict illustrations, which after you want to sell on the stock or print. In addition, the graphics tablet removes many of the limitations faced by artists who draw with traditional materials. Digital illustration allows you to make adjustments in the process of work, even at the very last stages, which cannot be said about drawing with pencils or watercolors. In special programs you can always change the size of the canvas to make the composition of the drawing more successful and attractive. There is always the opportunity to quickly and easily change shades or colors, remove some unnecessary elements, and so on.

Savings on drawing tools.

Art materials are expensive, and they are consumed very quickly. A graphics tablet can save on the purchase of brushes, colored pencils, paper, and other tools for artists. Easy to use. Despite the fact that at first the graphics tablet may seem uncomfortable and generally incomprehensible, it usually takes half an hour to figure out all the nuances and subtleties, to configure the device as necessary. Now you can find many tips and even a video, which explains how to draw on a graphics tablet, how to set up the pen (stylus) for drawing and using free mockups, and so on. Further use of the tablet will no longer cause difficulties.

A variety of models.

To date, released completely different models of graphics tablets. They differ in size, function, technical requirements and so on. You can pick for yourself the best option.

Acquiring new skills.

The study of digital illustration helps the artist to develop. In addition, in our age, this is the direction that is most in demand. While working on a graphics tablet, an illustrator not only develops new painting techniques, but also learns special programs, expanding his or her knowledge.

Time saving.

Using a graphics tablet, it’s faster and easier to create any large drawings. Filling the large parts of an illustration takes much less time than using paint markers, gouache or watercolor.


 As mentioned above, the graphics tablet can be used not only for drawing. It can be used to quickly and easily process photos or handwrite text. It can be used for creating electronic signatures, for designing logos and icons.

All this allows to work quickly and comfortably, so this equipment is purchased by experienced users who specialize in this profile.