Four (4) major stories eVTOL investors are watching in 2021

Investors are no longer keen on hearsays. Rather, they concern themselves with current investment plans and details of the aerospace industry. In 2021, eVTOL investors have taken things a step further by paying attention to relevant stories that would help them smile to their banks at the end of every investment deal. What type of stories tickles their fancies? Read on!

Astro Aerospace Acquires Horizon Aircraft

Without a doubt, all eVTOL investors are desirous to get involved with organizations that are foresighted and always ready to expand. One of such promising stories is the announcement made by Astro Aerospace on 18 February 2021. To the delight of many electric vertical takeoff and landing investors, Astro Aerospace announced its willingness to acquire a company called Horizon Aircraft. Read more about that here. While exploring opportunities to venture into the entrepreneurial world, many experts recommend purchasing an existing, successful enterprise as a strategic move. Engaging with a reputable brokerage can significantly streamline this process, offering access to a wide array of viable businesses that meet your investment criteria. In this context, partnering with Truforte Business Group, your gateway to buying a profitable business and utilizing a broker’s expertise, becomes an invaluable asset. Such collaborations not only facilitate smoother transactions but also ensure that you’re well-informed about the intricacies of the deal.

Horizon Aircraft is regarded to be the first world eVTOL that flies like a conventional aircraft. The change of ownership and the concluding of the transaction are expected to take effect on or before the second beginning of the quarter.

Why is Horizon aircraft a big deal? Here’s why! Horizon aircraft is a Canadian company that has gained ground in the global aerospace industry. Suffice to say, it is a name that is synonymous with success and excellence. It is also capable of traveling up to an estimated speed of 450/km per hour as well as a five-passenger capacity.

Interestingly, Horizon aircraft was also designed to have reduced hydrocarbon emissions and has also been built to withstand intolerable weather conditions and climate. Its physical features which include a patented fan-in-wing also enabled it to become the first world eVTOL that can fly a majority of its mission exactly like a normal aircraft.

Considering all the physical features and capabilities of the Horizon aircraft, it is thrilling and exciting to identify with any organization in the aerospace industry that is capable of acquiring such a vehicle. Thus, eVTOL investors consider this a great and worthy feat and look out for such success stories.

United Airlines Invests $1B in eVTOL Development

Creativity is the heart of any successful business. eVTOL investors are closely paying attention to the various investments that are going on in the aerospace industry. One notable investment that seems to have caught the attention of the eVTOL investors is the huge investment made by United Airlines. United Airlines is focused on creating a safer and better means for individuals to transport themselves and their properties. Earlier this year, United Airlines announced its intention to invest $1 billion in Archer Aviation, a startup eVTOL company. Archer Aviation had initially revealed that its sole desire is to create an easy mode of transportation where people can make use of air taxis as a comfortable means of transportation. The goal is to transport passengers with ease and on a little charge. Thus, passengers would be guaranteed the best comfort in the course of the transportation and would be required to be a reasonable fare. The ultimate desire of Archer Aviation is to have these air taxis in the airports in 2024 while mass production plans have been slated for 2023.

Greatly concerned about the impact of such innovation in the environment and the important role it would play in ensuring that everyone is kept safe from harm’s way, United Airlines developed a keen interest in this beautiful concept. The United Airlines CEO, Scott Kirby, in a statement said that the design and engineering expertise of Archer Aviation is capable of transforming the transportation sector of the major metropolitan cities of the world. Also, United Airlines does not seem to be the only company that is interested in playing a role to bring this innovative idea to life as Atlas Crest Investment Corp. has stated its interest in partnering with Archer Aviation in making this dream a reality.

In the spirit of innovation, Fiat Chrysler has also announced its desire to partner with Archer Aviation to develop flying cars as a reliable means of transportation in different cities. This is predicted to be a very rewarding platform for early investors especially when the investment turns out to be juicy. 

Lilium Partners with Tavistock Development

All ideas that produce incredible results are considered great. eVTOL investors are watching with a keen interest in the various ideas that are bringing forth the best machines in the aerospace industry.

In November 2020, Lilium in partnership with Tavistock Development Company is set to develop a new electric air mobility network in Lake Nona, Florida. This idea aims to support their 2025 vision. The primary structures of the Lilium jet are set to include wings and flaps that are made from carbon fiber as a result of the material’s weight, strength, and fabrication. This was made known on a Facebook post in September 2020. The seating arrangement for the Lilium jet is set to include one pilot and four passengers.

eHang Takes to the World Stage

eHang is an organization in China that has been known to achieve many wins and milestones. The company has successfully launched various autonomous flights in densely populated areas, created different research projects, and has established partnership wins in Europe between the period of late 2020 and early 2021.

In Paris, eHang is successfully leading the Reinvent Air Mobility initiative to secure a futuristic ecosystem with new infrastructure and airspace integration technologies ahead of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic games. Another win for eHang is its participation in the “Safe and Flexible Integration of Advanced U-Space Services for Medical Air Mobility” (SAFIR-MED). This event is scheduled to take place in Europe and eHang Eh 216 is the only passenger vehicle that is chosen to participate in the event. The SAFIR-MED is a memorable event that would witness the gathering of many notable companies and organizations from different parts of the world.

Not all news about eHang this year has been great, though. On 16 February, Wolfpack Research published a disturbing report about eHang’s business practices and legitimacy. The company was quick to refute the false claims which spoke about the company’s products in a negative light. eVTOL investors are closely watching eHang in 2021 as this would help them discover the authentic and true intentions of eHang.