Data Storage on Mac: Top 5 Issues Explained by Experts


Being a MacBook user, the thoughts of any glitches might be only a distant imagination. But you cannot ignore the fact: electrical devices are prone to such issues in one way or another.

Even though we are careful about using our MacBooks, problems do emerge in the Mac system. Some problems are easy to put your fingers on, while some are hard to understand.

Accidental data loss, corrupted files, damaged hard drives, unstable battery drainage, missing backups files, lacking data recovery software support are some to name a few.

With that said, here we are to help you resolve the problems of the MacBook with feasible and easy solutions.

Top Data Storage Issues on MacBook Explained

Data storage of any device influences its health. The same thing stands true for the MacBook as well. Given below are some data storage issues that you need to be aware of.

1. Data Emptied from Trash

Emptying data from the trash bin only to regret it, later on, is one of the most common issues we have seen so far. Trash is the best place to look for all the deleted files. If you have accidentally deleted anything, you can get them from the trash bin. However, if you empty the trash, then data recovery becomes somewhat difficult.

One efficient way to recover your data after it has been deleted from the trash is taking help from data recovery software like iBoysoftData Recoveryfor Mac. It is comprehensive data recovery software that caters to a full range of features to cover all your needs.

2. Folders Disappearing

Some of our users were complaining about how they face issues where their folders of emails keep on disappearing. Or the folders are there in the drives but are all empty. This kind of problem arises when new updates take place.

Hence, the best way to cope with this issue is to have a backup system in place, and before you make any updates, back up all your data. However, once you have lost your data, try looking it up in the recent files and trash. You might get back your lost data. If not, the only option you can go is the data recovery software.

3. External Drive Mounting Issues

Mounting issue has always been a problem for Mac users. You can even say that Mac does not like other storage devices other than its own. Once you mount external drives to your Mac system, you will find that either it is not mounting properly, or the system is not recognizing the device.

This problem has a quick fix.

  • Before Plugging the external drive, restart your system.
  • Try using different ports.
  • Install the driver updates.

4. Hard Drive Errors

Hard drive error is a common occurrence. It can happen for the reasons given below:

  • Unauthorized ejection.
  • Corrupted directories.
  • Overlapped extent allocations.
  • Booting problem.

If there are hard drive errors, you should stop using the hard drive and start looking for a solution. Yes, solving the hard drive errors is important, but you should prioritize the data recovery.

5. Time Machine Failed to Backup

As a MacBook owner, you get a default backup application, Time Machine. This application is quite handy and helps the users to back up their data. However, the situation becomes tough if the user doesn’t create a backup from Time Machine at the beginning.


These are some common issues faced by Mac users. If you understand why these problems are occurring, you can find an effective solution. If there are other problems that we haven’t mentioned, do suggest us below.