2021 Best Comparison Reviews For Task Management Apps

Are you in need of a task management app? Can you identify one matching your needs? A Task management software can help you manage and easily organize workflow. Through the apps, you can create a list of activities you need to carry out and even differentiate individual roles among others. Choosing one which suits you can be a difficult task at times. However, there is a wide variety of software. They also vary in terms of their functions and the results they give. What are some of the best task management apps? This article will guide you through everything you need to know. Let’s dig into it!

  1. Bridgit Bench

Do you need resource management software with the best features? Bridgit Bench is all you require. It is software designed to create regulated transparency around a firm’s resource management. It can support a collaborative resource planning procedure. It can also work well with other software like Procore. It has a mobile application for Android and iOS. Its features help to facilitate resource management. Learn more about why Bridgit Bench is the right solution for your firm.

Key Features of Bridgit Bench

  • An automation platform for low-code-no-code integrations
  • Custom reports
  • Project Gantt is customizable.
  • Autodesk integration and partner card
  • Procore integration and Embedded app with Procore
  • Smart allocation recommendations 
  • Project stage-based resource planning
  • Allocation and Forecasting dashboards
  • Custom approval groups for controlled transparency
  1. ClickUp

This app not only helps with task management but also a variety of best staff. It is accompanied by an inbox, calendar, goals, reminders, and docs. ClickUp is appropriate for different kinds of teams and therefore you and your team members can use it to organize work, collaborate, and even do your planning effectively. Is your team too big to manage? Consider this app. It is created for different firms and teams regardless of how big or small they are. It is easy to use, simple and flexible, hence termed as a top software even for the future offsprings. 

Features of ClickUp

  • Calendar view to map projects to a schedule
  • Task prioritization to set priority
  • Due dates to set deadlines
  • To-do lists to view individual tasks
  • Creation and assignment for users duties 
  • Drag & drop to change dependencies and move tasks.
  • Gantt to provide a visual representation of tasks, progress, and dependencies.
  • Critical paths for calculating project paths
  1. GetBusy 

GetBusy blends comfortably with the most common workplace software with the Zapier and native integrations. This, therefore, establishes notable distinguished roles which get discovered automatically. One unique thing about it is how simple it is. It allows you to send anybody a task or a request. It also ensures the person you are sending gets them without failure. A task to be completed then gets done with no hitches. You can create deadlines, send messages to people, transfer data and allow you to plan apart from just the what-to-do lists. This can take place within a protected framework ensuring safe and effective collaboration between your team, vendors, partners, and customers. Its features and integrations are always thriving and this can maintain things on track and they are not time-consuming. This makes the management of tasks so obvious.

Features of GetBusy

  • Automated reminders in regards to roles
  • A protected file sharing
  • Tons of integrations with common apps
  • Straightforward and easy to user interface 
  1. Monday.com

It is simple to utilize and its visual interface comprises integrations and building blocks like software. This can allow you to customize or create your visioned work solutions. It offers a  collaborative room for your team to remain efficient, agile, and aligned.  With the software, you’ll have access to a fourteen-day trial and there isn’t a credit card needed. It helps its users to join forces to finalize roles from whenever they are and within the stipulated time. It is flexible and also easy to use hence you can track,  prioritize, and allocate work the way it should be.

Features of Monday.com

  • Notifications for due dates
  • calendar view to help schedule projects
  • Automations for getting much done within short periods
  1. Backlog

Mostly used by marketing and IT teams. It is a cloud-based app for project management. It also gives a tracking solution with burndown charts, subtasks, and bug tracking. Its well-known features can alert your members in case of a bug resolution while not becoming the creator or assignee. It also offers an amazing overview of the work progress. It integrates with SVN and GitHub to assist the developers to maintain track and manage project roles and source codes. You can also give feedback on pull bids. The watchlist and activity feed make sure the project manager is keen on the work plus the deadlines. Moreover, you can develop collectively revised web pages to analyze popular tips and queries.

Features of Backlog

  • File sharing
  • The Gantt Charts for representing roles visually
  • File storage
  • Idea management 
  • Email integration
  • Prioritization of tasks
  • To-do list
  1. Trello

It is used to coordinate, collaborate, and organize teams. It is simple to use and it is appreciated a lot by the developers. The reason being, one can see whoever is handling different activities and also aids with balancing loads of work. The members of your team can notice one who is lagging and come in to help. Thus a sign of collaboration between the members. It has distinctive components which allow you to customize your experience and even optimize it depending on the work you are doing. It is more navigable to those without any experience. This is due to a clear presentation. It also gives free trials of fourteen days.

Features of Trello

  • Drag & drop to move tasks
  • Deadline reminders
  • Discussions via comments
  • Email notification
  • Checklists with progress gauge

Bottom Line

The task management apps have lots of perks, they can help boost your productivity. If you can picture your day-to-day roles within a given software, then you can remain on track with your work. Besides, you can also claim privilege over the time limits. The apps can save your time by connecting every useful file or document within every role and therefore you won’t waste time looking for them.