How Is Technology for Teenagers Addictive?

Video games, computers, and technology have been great tools for entertainment and mental exercises for teenagers. Technology for teenagers spend lots of hours in front of the computer playing games and chatting with friends. However, it has been observed that teenagers, more often than not, also become addicted to video games, have computer addiction, and spend too much time on a single computer. Such addictive behavior results in poor grades, less school work, increased absences from school, and a distorted sense of reality.

How Is Technology for Teenagers Addictive?

Time Pressure:

In fact, it is not hard to imagine that such adolescent addiction to technology might result in some form of psychological or psychiatric disorder in later life. Experts are of the view that the real reason for technological addiction is the increased time pressure in modern society. Teenagers, being under considerable time pressure in their studies, need some distraction from their routine to divert their attention. As a result, they turn to technology for teenagers. This can prove to be a dangerous situation.

Become More Passive:

Teenagers tend to become more passive as compared to children and they do not participate in any outdoor activities. In such a scenario, when they face social pressure from friends, family members, and peers, they tend to shy away from making themselves vulnerable. In such a scenario, it is difficult for them to make use of technology in a constructive way. In such a scenario, social media might prove to be beneficial for them.

There is an addiction like any other addiction that begins with a certain form of reliance. However, it goes a few steps further when the dependence starts to take control over all personal and professional lives of an individual. When an individual develops the habit of relying on technology for everything, the problem of addiction to technology develops.

Teens are Impressionable:

This is the reason why online addiction is more common among them. Online technology has the power to lure them into using it and this often leads to online addiction. One needs to understand that teenagers have weaker immune systems than adults and teenagers are more susceptible to online addiction.

Technology is Good:

It helps in various ways. It helps one to learn new things and gain knowledge and understanding about different things. However, when it gets to the point of saturation, where youngsters start compulsively using it to avoid boredom, then it starts to become an addictive behavior.

Enhance Knowledge and Understanding:

Teenagers need to understand that technology is not a form of magic that can make the world go away. They should realize that this technology is there to help them grow as individuals and enhance their knowledge and understandings of life. In the long run, technology addiction can be controlled or avoided. It is important for parents to understand these things so that they can provide the best possible environments to their children.

Become More Social:

One of the most common forms of technology addiction is the use of technology while trying to make friends online. Some teenagers might try to contact unknown people because they find it easier to meet people through this medium. They can meet and mingle with new people at Omegle. It has been observed that teenagers who have formed social media accounts, visit different websites regularly, and use online chatting services are more likely to develop this type of addiction. It is important for parents to take immediate action if they find their teenagers checking their mobile phones or laptops every now and then.

Dangerous for Teenagers:

  • Adolescents are impressionable and when they come across technology addiction, it can lead to severe depression and anxiety. Therefore, it is advisable to talk to them about the negative effects of this addiction. If you explain to them the harm that this technology is causing to the world around them, they will be more likely to change their ways. It is important to raise awareness among teenagers about this technology addiction and how dangerous it is.
  • Internet technology is found to be a major contributor to depression and other health problems in teenagers. This is because technology addicts spend more time on internet sites that they are unable to leave. This eventually leads to decreased self-esteem and creates poor communication skills. A teenager who is addicted to technology finds it difficult to make new friends and often uses the same technology to communicate with his/her friends. This can be a very problematic and challenging situation that calls for serious interventions from rehabilitation centers.
  • Another form of technology addiction found among teenagers is excessive technology use that can result in the generation of “stuck” teenagers. These teenagers are not able to make use of any other means to relax or gain new social media friends. These “stuck” teenagers often visit social media sites that are not appealing to them in terms of the content they come across. This can be a difficult situation that requires rehab services to help these stuck teenagers overcome their addiction to technology.