Samsung Innov8 I 8510

The Samsung INNOV8 is one of the latest mobile phone made by Samsung. Most importantly this is Samsungs first foray in to the market of high-end cameras in phones. It has an 8 MP (Mega Pixel) camera and comes with at least 8 GB of memory (alternative 16 GB model also available) with an external SD slot too. Not too shabby is it?

With an 8 MP sensor, the only question remaining is whether the camera lens are equally as good. The camera also has features like face recognition, smile shot and blink shot. Additionally the 2.8″ LCD screen (16 million colors) is well equipped to display your photographic masterpieces. On the software side you are provided with media editing programs as well.

The other important features are 3G connectivity (HSDPA, not UMTS), Wi-Fi connectivity and GPS (this last being a value-added feature). Other notable mentions include an accelerometer, DNSe 2.0 (Samsung’s Digital Natural Sound Engine) and optical mouse. As it is a Symbian OS based phone you can expect plenty of games and software to be able for you get the most out of the phone (for example games that use the accelerometer, etc).

The external memory slot is for up to 16 GB SDHC cards so there is plenty of space for your audio collection, pictures and documents. You also get all the other standard features like Bluetooth and FM Radio (with RDS).

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