Mice with in-built fans

I’m sure you’ve heard of these things before¬† (the Nyko Air Flow Mouse for example) but this is different, seriously! These USB Air Flow Mice are different (and special too) because you can also use them to display messages on an in-built LED message scroller! The best part is you even get a remote control! The possibilities are endless…

Imagine that, a remote controller for a mouse. Its used to control the LED message scroller. We think that’s a bit of overkill and that they could have simply packaged it with software for the same job, but hey, we’re not complaining.

All though it might initially strike you as very tacky (it only comes in red or green), we actually think this gadget could be pretty useful. Sweaty palms are an issue, especially for gamers, and the LED message scroller is just something that people will enjoy using for a couple of weeks before they forget about it. At $35 its a pretty reasonable offer we would imagine.

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