Critical update for Windows

If you keep track of these things you would know that Microsoft does scheduled releases of its updates for Windows. Recently however, they released a critical update for all versions of Windows at an unscheduled time. This is because they found a major loophole for a security risk and they believe it is serious enough that it must be remedied instantly.

This critical security update is used to prevent an Internet worm that could potentially allow your system to be remotely taken over by attackers and allow them to potentially steal your data. Another major security risk caused by this worm is that it could rapidly spread to all the computers in your network. What’s particularly bad about this worm is that you do not even have to do anything. The attacker can simply take control of your system once the worm finds it way on to your computer.

Our advice is, whether you are running Windows 2000/ME, XP, Vista or any Server version, install any updates available at the moment as soon as possible.

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