The Canon 5D Mark II in action

Photographic and camera enthusiasts would be familiar with Canon’s 5D Mark II camera simply because it is one of the first few HD camera’s commercially available. And now we have seen a glimpse of its capabilities and we find it simply stunning. This 720p HD video of the subway and some other scenic/picturesque spots is worth the wait for it to load.

This video (shown below), made by David and Florent of is very low-key and simple but very classy and elegant and showcases the camera’s capabilities very well. It is simply stunning to find that this video was shot by hand because the camera is kept very steady throughout the video (no shakiness common to most mobile phone videos). The unofficial demo video is shot in Tokyo, Japan and aside from showcasing the capabilities of the camera also gives us a insight into life in Tokyo, Japan. What we mean is what we say, it gives us such an insight, you may (or may not, depending on your perception and sensibilities) get or feel like you have gotten an insight of what it is like to live in Japan on a day-to-day basis. In any case, kudos to both the camerawork and the editing (apparently done in two days on a MacBook Pro). We should also probably warn you that since this is an HD video, it is highly recommended that you have broadband/DSL or a better internet connection to view it. It would also not be amiss to point out that HD video processing also takes up a large chunk of your processors resources so you might want to look at the SD (Standard Definition) version instead if your rig is fairly old.

You can also take a look at the specifications of the camera here.

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