Windows 7 to have improved SSD support, Firefox debuts privacy mode

Microsoft aims to provide better implementation of SSD (Solid State Drives) in Windows 7 and intends to discuss how they will make this happen at the upcoming Windows HEC (Hardware Engineering Conference) 2008. Also worthy of news is Mozilla finally implementing a privacy mode in the 3.1 version of their now relatively well known internet browser, Firefox.

SSDs are a technology that is only just beginning to enter the market with only three or four companies actually shipping them for consumers. It is a widespread belief amongst those who know of it that SSDs will eventually replace HDD (Hard Disk Drives) or magnetic disk drives. This is because not only are they more reliable, they are also significantly faster in both the reading and writing of data. Thus, this move by Microsoft will be much appreciated by most people as the improvement of compatibility of SSDs with Windows (the world’s most popular OS by usage) can only pave the way common usage of SSDs.

Mozilla has finally added a private surfing mode to their Firefox web browser. This new feature (new for Firefox, Apple Safari has long had this feature and Google Chrome has a similar feature too) will prevent any data from being saved on your computer while you are surfing in this mode. Aptly named the “Don’t Leave A Trace” feature, it does not actually keep your surfing hidden from ISPs or suddenly make you anonymous so don’t start getting any ideas. Also congratulations to Mozilla and the Firefox team on officially garnering 20% of the web browser market.

In other unrelated news, Microsoft has discontinued its Windows 3.X line. This news will not really hurt, shock or sadden anyone as even though it was one of Microsoft’s first big successes in the realm of operating systems, it is no longer relevant or important in modern computing and we seriously doubt anyone could attach sentimental value to it.

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