Touch-HD by HTC available now

One of the best handsets by HTC ever seen, Touch-HD is an impressive Windows Mobile handset with a large 480×800 pixel screen with a 5 mega-pixel camera. As compared to the HTC Diamond, this one has really made its ground.  The Touch-HD features a GPS support system, through which it can be used with Google Maps or any other such application.

Apart from the high definition 5 mega-pixel camera, it also has a secondary video calling camera. This particular HTC is a quad-band GSM handset with EDGE and GPRS data, plus support for UMTS 900/2100 and HSPDA, which provides the user with a maximum download speed of up to 7.2 Mbps. Touch-HD can also support HSUPA giving almost an upload speed of up to 2 Mbps. Also it has 802.11b and g WiFi connectivity.


Although the HTC Touch-HD is not as impressive as the Apple’s iPhone, but it certainly takes the Windows Mobile experience to  totally new heights. The standard multimedia support is enhanced by an FM radio and a standard 3.5mm audio socket. Touch-HD is capable of playing various AAC, AMR, MP3, Windows Media formats, plus wide screen video.

Moving on to its appearance…The standard Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional interface has been enhanced with HTC’s superb TouchFLO 3D add-on. And the 3.8″ WVGA touch screen is certainly the best around, in fact in this case, it is far better than the Apple’s iPhone. There are a few doubts that HTC’s Touch-HD is hugely impressive device, and it could have impressed more if it had a QWERTY keyboard.

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  1. Hello every body
    I have HTC HD 8282 from last 5 mounts.HTC HD 8282 is great phone with great system.its same like a small laptop with you all time….htchd8282 is my opinion is best phone who use internet lot off.very good result of camera as well…

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