Nokia 6208c the latest in China

Nokia 6208c is the latest edition unveiled by Nokia in Nanjing, China. They certainly had decided to come up with something special for their Chinese customers, that too of a phone with pen input. The touch screen is optimized to write Chinese characters and text messages in an orthodox manner; through pen. 

The initial design of the stylus, that is attached to the back of the phone is basically inspired by the bamboo slips and has no problem working with the large color display. Such valuable ideas have been implemented using top of the line materials, like, stainless steel at the back cover, which makes the phone easy to use and much more comfortable to hold.

Apart from the Chinese language support, the new Nokia 6208c features a number of different languages and characters. Other than this, the specs of device include a 3.2 mega-pixel camera, a dual flash and 4X digital zoom.

Such features ensure capturing memories and sharing numerous moments in much simpler style, as the large input area features large fonts for messaging and browsing as well as viewing pictures and web pages.

Nokia 6208c has support option of microSD cards up to 8GB providing sufficient memory for storage of images, videos, music and much more. Overall, the 6208c is the sweetest new gift for Chinese and it is expected to be available by mid of 2009 in their market.

Nokia 6208c Pictures

zahpeida_nokia-6208c_1 zahipedia_nokia-6208c-2 zahipedia_nokia-6208c-3 nokia_6208_classic

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  1. Actually i used to be a die-hard Nokia man but i think I’m going to change very soon. I didn’t like the last Nokia i used. I mean battery time is a real disappointment and sound is also not very impressive. I used 3500 last time and now i’m thinking of buy some LG type phone

  2. May be it’s true,
    But all new phone are giving lot of feature so it required battery ……..

    But I think still Nokia is rocking …………..

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