MacBook Wheel introduced by Apple

Macintosh laptops have experienced a totally new revolution by the Apple’s introduction of a laptop which comes with a wheel. In other words, this particular Macintosh notebook has no keyboard! in fact, it has no keys, except a giant wheel and a huge button.

Apple recently at their MacWorld expo launched their latest MacBook wheel which has no keyboard. The laptop follows the structure of the Apple’s iPod which is operated by a wheel.

This launch has not only revolutionized the Apple’s laptop line up but also the entire choices that the consumers previously had for laptops. Unfortunately we do not have enough news about the MacWheel, but we still got some hand on it.

This particular Macintosh laptop has a 20GB of a hard disk space and has a 90 minutes of (Hummingbird) battery timing. The MacWheel comes with a 13.3 inch high definition LED and according to Mac, it is virtually unbreakable!. Yes, it’s true, until and unless you try your best to break it.

Apart from this, the Macbook notebook is 4 ounces lighter than the other available in the line up. Mac spokes-person also said that it is the best ever notebook for users to toggle their files as the wheel makes the file search as easy as it can get.

The notebook with the wheel costs just under $2600.

5 Replies to “MacBook Wheel introduced by Apple”

  1. wow… mac rocks.. no wonder many people tout mac for its innovations!…no keyboard sounds cool..but it might difficult to adjust without it.

  2. Mac Book Wheel is a great invention for new generation. Mac Book Wheel have great features such as large space hard disk and 90 minutes battery backup time.

  3. Mac Book Wheel is looking different then others because of the new wheel.

    I think they got the idea from Ipod it has similar wheel like Mac Book has .

  4. …its totally not real…you know its from the onion which is spoof news, right?…lol..its making fun of apple..

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