VMware Fusion 2 Beta 2 for Mac; Review

VMware some time back released a second beta version (Beta 2) for their VMware Fusion 2 product. VMware Fusion is a virtualization software for the Mac that allows user to run other operating systems on a particular system at the same time when other operating systems are in use.

To simplify it, one can run any Mac operating system, Ubuntu Linux and Microsoft Windows XP at the same time on a particular Mac, provided that it has enough RAM to run all these operating systems at a time.


There are a number of features provided by VMware with the Beta 2. For instance, the Unity feature allows one to display an application window from a Guest operating system in a virtual machine. Also the Mirrored Folder feature lets some Mac folders to be mirrored to a Microsoft Windows folder on the virtual machine.

Not only this, multiple image snapshots with roll back and Auto Protect is another feature provided by VMware Beta 2. It functions by capturing multiple snapshots and saving them on virtual machine’s Guest operating system at certain moments in time.

And if there is possibly a problem, it allows one to roll back and start from presumably that particular working point.

Beta 2 installation is quite simple and easy. The 329.1MB file allows power users to run four operating systems simultaneously. It is, in ‘real’ terms a precious version for people who are into multi-tasking.