Google introduces Picasa for Mac users

Google finally decided to release Google Picasa, the famous photo organizer, editor, photo sharing software for the Mac users at the MacWorld ’09. Picasa software together with Picasa web Albums can be helpful in nearly every aspect regarding owning, maintaining and organizing a digital camera.

Most of the people owning a digital camera shoot photos with the primary aim of sharing them with their family and friends, through online web blog or through e-mail. With the release of Picasa for Mac, such tasks can be done with the snap of fingers. Previously Google offered standalone Picasa Web Album uploader and an iPhoto plug-in for Mac users. But now with the full release, Mac users will be to enjoy the entire features the Picasa offers on their Mac.


Picasa for Mac brings all the advanced features for sharing and sync pictures for the millions of Mac OS X users who are currently using Picasa Web Albums. It looks much like the same other standard Picasa on the current platform. It still allows non-destructive editing and other features such as locating picture files anywhere on your hard disk and import them to the Picasa library automatically. Not only this, it still covers the features such as color balancing to collages.

For now, Picasa for Mac is still in Google labs and it will be out for users soon. To run Picasa, one should have a standard Intel-based Mac running Mac OS X 10.4 and above.

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