iPhone and Mac HD blessed with SlingPlayer

Mac and iPhone users will now be able to enjoy SlingPlayer which will allow them to stream high-def material. The wholly owned subsidiary of EchoStar Corporation; Sling Media, Inc. has yet to determine the price for iPhone and Mac users to enjoy the service.

For those who are not much aware of SlingMedia, lets just put some light on it for them. Sling Media, Inc., is a leading digital lifestyle company offering consumer targeted services and products that are an advancement in today’s digital life.

The product line for Sling Media include, the internationally acclaimed, Emmy Award wining SlingBox which allows its users to control their living room television shows at any time and at any location using Macs, PDAs, PCs, and smartphones.

SlingPlayer Mobile will allow iPhone users their entire home TV experience even on their entire home TV experience even on the their iPhone. It will include local channels, local sports teams, video on demand, payper view etc. Be it any program or television show that you enjoy watching on your television set at home can be now viewed on iPhone just using a standard connection (3G cellular, WiFi)

In addition, the SlingPLayer Mobile for iPhone users will also allow them to control their home video digital recorder DVR to enjoy recorded shows, rewind, pause, and fast forward live TV broadcast, or even queue new recordings while still on the road.