Yahoo Search Pad organizing notes for you

Yahoo is busy testing a new service known as Yahoo Search Pad which basically is a note-taking application integrated into Yahoo search engine. Yahoo Search Pad is currently not a permanent feature for Yahoo search engine, but it will soon be a part of it. 

As aforementioned, Yahoo Search Pad is an integrated application for Yahoo search engine which allows users to save important notes while they search on Yahoo. Unlike other search engines such as Google Notebook,  Yahoo Search Pad does not force user to go somewhere else and take notes.


When a user starts a search on Yahoo search engine, Yahoo Search Pad automatically recognizes when you are searching and clicking on the links relevant to your search. If Yahoo Search Pad thinks that a user is a search mode (by noticing that the search is done on multiple facts) it prompts you with a toolbar under the search box asking you to takes or not.

Apart from this, you can anytime open up the Yahoo Search Pad on your own. And when you do, a box opens up over the searched results listing all of your other related searches. Yahoo Search Pad also provides the option to cut and paste notes a user’s own notes while researching a topic on the web.

In all, what separates apart the Yahoo Search Pad from the other note-taking applications is the fact that it allows you complete freedom when it comes to save notes while you are in your research time.