Gmail launches multi-pane viewing

Gmail recently launched multi-pane viewing for Gmail account users. That means Gmail account users can now simultaneously view multiple panes in Gmail without doing the fatigue to open another browser window. In this spectrum, Google has done quiet well to facilitate Gmail account users.

It is really efficient when you perform multiple task while staying in a single browser window. Gmail has done extremely well to provide it’s users who frequently label their messages and have saved searches with the feature of multi-pane viewing. And now doubt, the upgrade is proving to add efficiency to Gmail.

To enable the Gmail multi-pane viewing feature Gmail account users have to first activate Gmail Labs from their account, and then enable ‘Multiple Inboxes’ from the provided list of Labs option. Further, to set up the panes, Gmail account users have to go to Gmail settings menu and then select “Multiple Inboxes” (only after you have enabled them).

From there, Gmail account users can create up to five different panes. Not only this, Gmail account users can label each of their pane with a different code. This can be done manually by entering the desired code in the ‘label options’.

As a conclusion, we can say that the launch of multi-pane viewing by Gmail is a smart move, as it benefits Gmail account users in several aspects.

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