Baby Blackberry

This little gadget will be very useful among the little champs of kindergarten because by using this device they can easily pay attention and becomes quick learner to the words taught and always keep them secure and can be used when required.

This is a very new and amazing gadget targeting the little toddlers can definitely soon cornered the market and became famous in the coming days. The name given to the device is going to be “Leapfrog Text and Learn”.


This is a colorful device like a complete Smartphone might be larger than the original blackberry and designed with a neat LCD and off course a QWERTY keyboard that really is useful in all aspects. QWERTY keyboard is generally designed because without this feature it does not complete the sense of original Blackberry. This device includes the feature of some useful educational purposes like to spell a word, letter matching, number identification, shape discovery and the most important feature that is texting.

The parents should not be worry about their tots as this device is not for calling purposes nor it can be connected to the internet but instead you should be happy to have this wonderful device for your juniors and just forget about all the soiled fingerprints, dropping or scratched your original blackberry. No words for the exact date of availability of this device yet but its going to be launch in the United States in the summer and the price is going to be set at $25.

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