Dell Studio 15 special edition laptop

Dell once again has come up with an exotic deal by introducing the studio 15 special edition laptop. Dell studio 15 special edition laptop invites you to complement your personal style with the black vapor’s distinctive pattern.

Not only Dell inspires style outside but also remains outstanding inside (with a wide range of wireless and graphic features). The unique black vapor finish and the LED display of the studio 15 special edition certainly catches an eye but the inside features surely make one stop and have a look.

The new Dell Studio 15 special edition Black Vapor is equipped with capacitive touch pads and multimedia buttons, blacklit keyboard, optional built in mobile broadband, Dell exclusive Wi-Fi catcher, Bluetooth, high capacity batteries, finger-print reader, blue-ray, HDMI, surround sound audio and last but not the least a 15 inch CCFL display.

Dell Studio 15 SE offers a 4GB of RAM and a 320 GB of hard disk space and Pentium Dual Core or Core 2 Duo processors. In all, the latest Dell can be ordered in three different models with the price ranging from $799, $849 and $949 with respect to their specs.

4 Replies to “Dell Studio 15 special edition laptop”

  1. Dell studio 15 looks cool in its black color, I also have a dell laptop using it for 7 months and much satisfied from it, This new dell studio 15 is great with cool features in it.

  2. I have this computer. My computer looks exactly like this picture.
    It’s pretty tight. I got a lot of compliments and…it sets me apart
    from everyone’s elses laptop (well most of them, I’m the only one
    I’ve seen with this kind of laptop). Yeah, plus
    if my computer just happens to be in a row of other laptops…I’ll
    instantly know which one is mine. 🙂

  3. Maybe you could make changes to the page title dell studio 15 laptop | studio 15 dell laptop review to something more catching for your content you make. I enjoyed the post still.

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