Microsoft to dump Internet Explorer and promote “Gazelle”

Microsoft is working on a new internet browser known as “Gazelle” as Internet Explorer is loosing its worth among users. The research and development department at Microsoft is really trying its best to persuade internet users to once again browse through Microsoft web browser.

As we see these days, there is a battle going on between different web giants to design the best web browser in order to gain maximum users. Therefore Microsoft too decided to step in with a new weapon; “Gazelle“. Statistics have shown that Internet Explorer has lost popularity among web users as other options available such as Google’s Chrome,
Mozilla’s Firefox, Safari, Opera have proven to be better.

Microsoft has finally brought  into account this issue and have started to work on a next-gen. web browser which probably does not have the drawbacks that the current Internet Explorer carries. Gazelle is said to be more fast, more efficient, intelligent and more compatible. Gazelle is also said to be compatible with multi-principal Operating System.

As for now, the R&D department at Microsoft is working on the prototype of the new web browser Gazelle and is in its evaluation phase. No specific time or date of release has been provided by Microsoft but it is expected to be available some where by mid of 2009.

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  1. wow its interesting that Microsoft is working on a new internet browser. thanks for the post.

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