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Apple has been busy fixing and updating its browser service and finally is able to come up with a better solution with the release of Safari browser 4 beta. Apple claims their latest development as the most fast and most efficient browser available right now.

Apple has launched a beta version of its web browser Safari 4 which is able to run on Mac and Windows systems. The company is praising its latest release and surely they can, as the Safari 4 beta has successfully passed the Acid 2 and Acid 3 test.

Acid 2 and Acid 3 test evaluate a web browser on the basis that how well it provides collabration to the dynamic pages and how well it handles with the advanced technologies, such as SVG standards, HTML 5, XML, JAVA scripts and CSS 3 web standards.

The Safari 4 beta no doubt has a pretty innovative and powerful design and graphic user interface. Statistics show that, Apple’s Safari 4 beta loads web pages three times faster than Mozilla’s Firefox. Statistics also tell us that Safari 4 beta is thirty times faster than Internet Explorer 7 when it comes to loading pages.

Apple has done really well on the features, Safari 4 beta provides users with the facility of full page zoom, text zoom, a highly efficient smart search field, an organized cover flow, track of top sites, and last but not the least, tabs on top which provide more space for browser site.

In all, the Safari 4 beta release by Apple will surely make other web browsers look inferior as it has so much in the bag to offer to its users.

You can download Apple Safari Browser at the given link.

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  1. Apple has done really well on the features, Safari 4 is also cool. Interesting post thanks for it.

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