2009 Ranking for tech billionaires and their losses

Till now we have been pretty far away from the financial stuff, but now its time we should have a look at the economic state of the tech giants that influence the tech industry. The 40 tech giants ranked, collectively lost around $81.5 billion compared to 2008.

The data has been obtained from Forbes which also tell us that the net worth of $1.4 trillion just disappeared from their list and the drop of billionaires went to 793 from 1125, the first year to year decrease since 2003.

Statistics showcase that tech billionaires are still collectively worth $203.4 billion although the tech giant Bill Gates rose the top spot on the list after falling to number 3 last year. The irony of the situation is, Bill Gates lost a massive total of $18 billion in the past year (take your time to figure it out!).
The list also includes some media tycoons with technology related businesses. One of them to be highlighted is Michael Bloomberg, who had a fruitful 2008. With a rise in net worth of $5.5 billion, Michael Bloomberg jumped 50 spots on the list.
Despite these enormous losses in wealth, most of the big tech “sultans” made it to the list including Bill Gates’ old partner Paul Allen, Michael Dell and nonetheless Steve Jobs. Unfortunately, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg did not make it to the list this year as he had to witness a estimated dropping from $1.5 billion to $600 million in his net worth, but he is still standing strong.