Sony intros new PS3 kit with price cut of $2000

Most of our gaming population was waiting for the PS3 price to drop so that they could enjoy the best of Sony. In this spectrum, Sony introduced a new PS3 development kit which costs $2000 less than the previous versions. Read more to discover the ‘wise’ moves Sony has made.

Sony recently released a new cut-rate Playstation 3 dev kit. The package overall has the personality of a Betamax VCR but Sony firmly claim that it still has the same form factor as the commercially available PS3. Sony, through a press release also said that the new development kit with the affordable price range will attract a broader range of customers which will further accelerate development in gaming environment.

As for a little flashback, this is the second price cut Sony has made since the launch of the demo version in 2005. Yet, the solid and pleasurable games have failed to maintain an upward trend in PlayStation 3’s sales in the last three-four months.

The only way Sony can bring PS3 back on track is to cut a little more of its price and provide a little more incentive keeping in mind the recession the world is going through.

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