Apple Blocked Google Voice Application From Iphone

Apple recently blocked Google‘s official Google Voice application from the App Store. The decision by Apple was made on the ground that Google was duplicating features that came with the Apple iPhone.


Rumors has it that there is some one behind blocking Google Voice app other than Apple itself. Yes, AT&T is said to be behind all this conspiracy.

It is such an unfortunate move made by Apple as Google‘s Google Voice Application was by far the best app for any cell phone yet. Google has done extremely well by providing handy and very useful applications for different mobile phones.


Google currently has official applications available for BlackBerry as well as Android. All of them are working extremely well and are high on demand.

It is really sad of Apple to turn down a positive app such as Google Voice because people at Apple point at their 50,000 apps as much as they want. None of them can be called ‘ground-breaking’ as Google Voice app was.

Cutting the long story short, Apple must re-consider the decisions they are making. They should not go corporate sickness, rather should think of consumer benefit.