World Most Expensive Mobile Phone Cell Phone

World’s most expensive mobile phone might be a virtue mobile; that’s what most of us think. But the fact is that world’s most expensive cell phone is designed by a Russian company, Ancort. The phone they designed is said to have a price tag of US $1.3 million.


We should not ignore the fact that there are many other expensive mobile phones on the list, specially the ones designed by Virture Mobiles, Goldvish Mobiles or Amosu but this Ancort has surpassed them all.

The Russian company JSC Ancort teamed up with designer jeweler Peter Aloisson to make world’s most expensive mobile phone costing up to US $1.3 million. The phone is said to be a version of Swiss Crypto Telecommunication Security’s Crypto Smart Telephone which surely has good security features and cell phone privacy. After all, the phone is not just ‘bling bling’.


The world’s most expensive mobile phones by Ancort is made of solid platinum. Not only this, the Ancort logo on the phone and the navigation key are made up of 18 carat rose gold. Most of all, the edges of phone carry 28 round cut diamonds! (hope now you understand why it costs $1.3 million).

The phone has good physical exterior and no doubt it is good sci-fi features. Ancort’s Crypto smart phone operates on  a 256 bit cyptographic algorithm and Windows CE OS. For interested buyers, the company has left some space on the phone on which they can engrave their name, initials or anything they want. This surely will cost them some extra grands.

Please do comment on the phone if…IF you buy one.

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