Sony Ericsson Black Diamond

Sony Ericsson is known for its stylish and elegant cell phones. Sony Ericsson Black Diamond is one of the very best of them. Black Diamond is not only stylish but it is also considered as one of the most expensive cell phones Sony Ericsson ever made.


Industrial designer Jaren Goh came up with an eye catching design for Sony Ericsson by the name of Black Diamond. The stunning Sony Ericsson Black Diamond cell phone is not just about style and elegance. It is equipped with the latest cutting edge technology and handy features.

Black Diamond by Sony Ericsson has a 4 mega-pixel camera and an OLED Screen which gives a ‘boderless screen effect’. The phone is also said to have Bluetootth and WiFi.


Looking at its physical features, it is said that Black Diamond would have a Polycarbonate skin and  mirror finished cladding. Surely the concept given by Jaren Goh to Sony Ericsson is a state of the art. And we can only wait until Sony Ericsson approves it for manufacturing.

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