IDrive Lite | Free Contacts Backup App For IPhone and Blackberry

IDrive Lite is a free contacts backup application for Apple iPhone and BlackBerry. Now there is no a longer a need to worry about your contacts. IDrive Lite manages as well as supports a backup for your contacts. And most of all, its free!

Pro Softnet Corporation, the company behind the existence of IDrive Lite has surely worked on a useful tool. We often loose our contacts either by phone reset or by theft or loss of phone it self.


IDrive Lite stores your contacts in a secure way. If your phone is reset and you loose all your data, IDrive Lite still manages to restore your contacts from another data storage space available within your phone.

In case of phone theft or loss, IDrive Lite saves and creates a backup online on You can create a free account and access your contact list at any point of time you want.

Apple iPhone and Blackberry users using IDrive Lite can access their contacts online and also can add, delete, edit and even import contact info Facebook. Not only this, they can also view the Facebook activity log via IDrive Lite online. Exciting isn’t it?

In all, the IDrive Lite offers users up to 2GB of free online backup storage space as well as unlimited storage space for a minimal amount.