Need For Speed Shift Game Review

Need for Speed Shift is the 13th launch of the on going gaming series; Need for Speed. The racing video game Need for Speed Shift is a production of Need for Speed and is published by Electronic Arts.

Need for Speed Shift is a part of the project which was announced in January 2009. The project includes other racing games such as Need for Speed Nitro and Need for Speed World Online.

The special part about Need for Speed Shift is that is based on the “Ferrari Project”. In other words, Need for Speed Shift gives a completely new driving experience. It has a whole new tyre physics, designed by Eero Piitulainen of Richard Burns Rally.

Not only this, Need for Speed Shift features a wide variety of cars. These range from the normal cars we know, such as Golf GTI, to racing cars such as Aston Martin DBR9. Also Shift allows you to select any car and tune it inside out according to your standard.

We must also mention here that Need for Speed Shift is not a child’s play! The game is perfectly designed in accordance with real physics laws. The pro mode in Need for Speed Shift will require a wheel to play rather any gaming keyboard or pad (hope now you get it!).

In all, Need for Speed Shift has classic cars as well as exciting modern cars like Bugatti Veyron, Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren, Ford GT, BMW M3 GT2 and much more. The game would require Windows XP SP3 or Windows Vista or Windows 7 to run on PC. The game is also available on Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms.

So lock your seat belt and start Shifting!

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