Sony Ericsson Jalou Cell Phone Review

Sony Ericsson Jalou is the most elegant and fashionable designed for the women who are usually more concerned with the looks they project upon others. Sony Ericsson Jalou is a delicate set which is presented by Sony Ericsson till date for women. None of the competitors have launched a brand for women like Sony Ericsson Jalou.


Sony Ericsson Jalou is a now available in its limited edition which is gold plated to target more specific gold affording class of women. Mostly it is the choice of women who want to appear different and unique in all respects. Its special feature is its 2 inches main screen which turns into a mirror on the press of a smart button.

It is a major attraction of Sony Ericsson Jalou for the women. 3G connectivity, GSM and 1.3 inch display are its other important features regarding technology. It is the best choice for fashion conscious women.

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