Sony Ericsson Naite Cell Phone Review

Sony Ericsson has always worked to produce new and unique mobile technology which its competitors can not produce. The innovation and impressive style sets are Sony Ericsson’s special attractions for its customers. This is also a reason for which Sony Ericsson is securing a significant market share around the world.


Sony Ericsson Naite is also one of the best stylish cell phones with advanced features produced by Sony Mobile Phone. Basically it targets the environment conscious people and is for those who understand the importance of preserving eco system. The mobile phones also add to the air pollution but Sony Ericsson has wonderfully addressed the issue.

Sony Ericsson Naite is a smart set with eco friendly technology. But instead of its environment preserving nature it failed to win the hearts of people due to its uneasy keys and buttons. It can just attract the customers by making them realize that Sony Ericsson Naite is eco friendly, other wise there is no reason for anyone to buy it as it has no impressive feature

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  1. first of all, its not a touchscreen. 2ndly it has more colors than 262k. How can you review a phone, when you dont even know the technical info?!?!

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