US to Release the HTC HD2

This Spring TMobile customers will have access to the HTC HD2!  Allowing customers  access to 576MB RAM and 1GB ROM.  In addition TMobile customers in the US will have access to a 16GB Micro SD card unlike their European and Asian counterparts!

zahipedia-HTC HD2

Was it worth the 3 month wait?  According to reports, TMobile may receive and offer the Windows 7 OS upgrade not offered by other HTC HD2 carriers!  Okay, so you didn’t wait.  Well you can now very well kick yourself because the HTC HD2 not only is packed with the powerful RAM, ROM and Micro SD card and possible OS upgrade, but an outfit that is really going to make you envious of anyone that has it.

First, is the HTC HD2 CU S400 Car Upgrade Kit.  It can be connected to any surface within the car!  How’s that for options.  The HTC ‘NaviPanel’ can be strapped to the in-car mount and can charge the phone simultaneously!  The car kit is equipped with MicroUSB car charger, Gooseneck mount, and a replacement HD2 battery cover.  Other great accessories gearing up for the launch great accessory is the HTC HD2 Desktop Sync Cradle, the HTC HD2 Extended Battery, and the HTC HD2 Capacitive Stylus.

This should definitely be one of TMobile’s greatest launches to date and for the Q1.  Get a peace of the action and call, visit your TMobile for more details and expected release date.

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  1. This phone gave me so many headaches! Got it replaced THREE times and all three were trash! Windows screwed up bad this time. Its slow, freezes all the time, erased all my information on the memory card.! >[

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