Watch Free Online Fox News Special Broadcasts USA Live

Fox News Special broadcasts USA live. Watch free online Fox News Special Broadcasts USA live. Fox News Special broadcasts USA is a live news channel which has been in controversy for a long long time.

Fox News Special broadcasts is basically a subsidiary of Fox News live news channel. It is a channel specifically assigned to broadcast special news reports rather than normal live news reporting. Some of the controversies revolving Fox News Special broadcasts were:

  • 9/12 newspaper ad controversy
  • Photo manipulation in Fox and friends
  • Talking points from Bush White House
  • Media Watch dogs

Now you can watch free online Fox News Special Broadcasts live online right here and watch all the documentaries and news reports based on the findings and research done by Fox News Live TV reporters.

17 Replies to “Watch Free Online Fox News Special Broadcasts USA Live”

  1. I live in South America, and plenty of CNN channels are available locally. However, Fox News in the U.S. has 3 to 5 times as many viewers as CNN. Fox News is hurting their advertisers by not permitting the re-broadcast of their shows – especially in countries where they are not available on local channels.

    Shame on you, Fox News.

  2. Eric this is how Conservatives are punished.

    Youwill NEVER have problems with the Liberal chanmels.

  3. Fox switched the feed to Real Player recently and the quality is now so bad, its unwatchable. Please change it back or upgrade to a HD quality feed like CNN and CBN have. I gave up my digital cable to watch only internet TV and now this. UGH!

  4. I am interested in only watching the one and only fair and balanced FOX News Live online for free.
    Thank you in anticipation for the resumption of Fox News Live Online for free.
    God bless Fox News in Jesus name. Amen.

  5. Tragic, how shortsighted Fox Management is, as every one can get MSNBC or CNN online, whilst they force us to their own site with only snippets and pre-canned bits of O Reilly and the likes available. All US voters living abroad are hence indoctrinated by the liberal main stream media (and will vote accordingly), as it is too cumbersome to navigate the FoxNews site which does not offer full episodes.
    I believe that it is a sad misjudgment by management and will not pay off. At least I implore the responsibles at Fox to offer full episode streams for O Reily, Hannity Van Susteren and a live stream for important events such as the Terrorist attack or the Oil spill.

  6. Ill give you back all the , CNN ,, MSNBC atc,,

    Obama won’t let us watch FNC ??

    democratic ???

  7. I am interested in only watching the one and only fair and balanced FOX News Live online for free.
    Thank you in anticipation for the resumption of Fox News Live Online for free.

  8. I thought Venezuelan’s leader Hugo Chavez was only a dictator in Venez not the USA Too.
    why do they want to stop us from watching what we wantto watch. is this not a free country?

  9. I am patiently looking forward for the resumption of Fox news live free online. FOX news is credited for its fair and balanced news and news casters with sound minds. God bless FOX news in Jesus name.
    Zahipedia thank you for keeping me updated.

  10. Is there any way you can help me get Fox News live on the internet. It sometimes works and sometime don’t. I need this channel to help me get through the day.
    Thank you for what ever you can do.
    Jeff Drudy

  11. Fox has halted all free streams of their channels cause of their ratings they boast about having the highest ratings and their greedy i’m conservative so I’m not downing the channel only the fact that people can’t afford the high price of cable so they are only hurting their own cause.

  12. What is the problem with FOX news streaming online worldwide? I know they have the money to make that possible and they should have it up and going in HD and other formats, lest people get their “NEWS” from CNN, MSNBC, etc, who are so far left it is absurd! Come on FOX, get your act together and offer GOOD online streaming for those of us overseas. I am in Thailand. The lefties are running strong here, where is FOX?

  13. I live in Toronto, Canada and I cannot watch Fox cable news live online? Why??????????? I want to watch conservative tv rather than dead liberal tv…. Do something fox!!!!

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