Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1 beta launched

Mozilla email application or software is known as Thunderbird. Mozilla has launched a beta version (testing version) of Thunderbird before launching the final version of Thunderbird software. The beta version of Thunderbird 3.1 is also known as Lanikai. There are number of loop holes and updating needed to fix up in the up coming Thunderbird version.  Keeping this thing in mind Mozilla, launched beta version of Thunderbird 3.1 beta in order to verify and check all the updates needed to be fix up. This is the testing version, therefore it must have some loop holes that to be fix up before releasing the final version of Thunderbird 3.1 by Mozilla.


Thunderbird 3.1 beta is created on a Gecko1.9.1 platform. It will be more web compatible and very easy handle. A beta 2 (version) has already been released with better functions and performance. Thunderbird supports different languages and easy to interact with web.

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