Multitasking on Windows Phone: A mixed bag

Multitasking means that more than one software running on the system simultaneously. Multitasking is now becoming vital feature in the field of computing technology. Every one is in the curiosity, whether Microsoft is introducing Multitask feature in upcoming their windows phone series 7.


Microsoft has not shown or given any clear statement about incorporating Multitasking feature in windows phone.  There are certain news about Microsoft that there are using certain Windows technology that allows the users to run multiple tasks or programs at a time. It means that one can hear music at one time and on the same time can work on the windows office application. Microsoft is also working that Multitasking feature should also support the third part applications.

Microsoft is also introduced a new feature know as auto alert feature in new series of windows phones.  Alert feature automatically notify the users about the program status at present. Program status includes whether is program is running or not. It also notifies the user to upgrade the program with the latest version. Third party application can also use notification facility. Therefore, Microsoft is trying there level best to coupe with the pace of computing and cell phone technology.  Microsoft is launching a windows mobile, which is equipped with the latest features and technology.