Windows Phone 7 Series Cut Copy Paste Review

Microsoft makes a decision not to include cut copy feature in upcoming 7 series Windows phone. According to the reason given by the Microsoft, not to include cut copy and Paste feature is  as the users don’t use this feature while using the Phone. Therefore, Cut Copy and Paste feature is unnecessary and not to be embedded into the System.  In the past, other companies also not included Cut Copy and Paste features while launching their windows Phones. But know they had incorporated this feature in the upcoming Windows phone on the user requirement. Cut Copy and Paste feature is very much essential for the users, while using the office feature of the Phone.zahipedia-windows-mobile-logo

Microsoft must see into the matter, whether they are able to attract the users towards Windows Phone 7 series with Copy Cut and Paste facility for users. They must introduce this feature in their upcoming new phone technology otherwise it’s difficult that user will move to Windows Phone 7 Series. Microsoft will lose some of their business oriented users if they will not provide Cut Copy Paste feature in their upcoming high tech Windows Phone 7 series.

Microsoft must reconsider to include Cut copy and paste feature before officially launching of Windows Phone 7 series.

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