iPad Expected to Beat iPhone’s First 3-Month Sales

Apple iPad has not yet launched in the market but Apple iPad has achieved very towering demand from the Apple’s users. It is expected that Apple will be able to sell more iPad as compare to the iPhones of the Apple in the same time period.


Apple iPad demand is so high that users or companies have not even seen it but they are spending huge amount on the advertisement of the Apple iPad. iPad has not even launched in the market but the users are giving orders to Apple for the purchase of iPad. It is assumed that if this scenario continues then it will beat the sale record of the Apple iPhones, when they were sold and launched back in year 2007.

Apple is trying to launch iPad with high media boast in the market. For this purpose Apple is making deals with Newspapers, magazines, and TV Networks for advertise their product, which is iPad.

Let’s see what marketing plan and advertisement techniques other manufacturing companies of iPad will adopt, while launching their iPad in the market. However one can foresee that there will be very high demand at the time of iPad launch. Moreover, iPad advertisement material is so compelling that users are ordering the iPad with out touching and using it.

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  1. The iPhone has taken over the world.

    Everyone who wants a new phone, wants an iPhone.

    If the iPad is going to be even more successful it would be an incredible achievement by Apple.

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