iGoogle Street View captures secret places

Google Map application is so power full that one can easily locate the desired Location. Google street view feature has gone through disapproval number of times in the past as well due to its accuracy of showing the location of the destination in details. There fore, Google Street Wise maps were not embedded or incorporated in the software due to security reasons.


This time, Google Street View again went under restrictions by the Britain Military chief. According to him through Google Street View one can easily identify the location of one of their Secret SAS’s secret headquarters. Map imagine of SAS’s Secret headquarters is so perfect that one can easily see over all view of the building and according to them terrorist can make a plan  to attack on their secret installations. Moreover, Google is asked to remove the images from the Google Street View feature in their Google Map Application. Google refuses to taken off the imagines from the map.

Google street view feature shows so accurate images of the installations and places that one can easily view all the whereabouts’ of the place.

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