Tokyo Broadcasting System Live Online | TBS Japan Live Online

TBS Japan live online. Watch free online Tokyo Broadcasting System live broadcast. TBS is one of Japan’s famous public media news network which works 24 hours to broadcast live news updates. It currently has two sister channels by the name of Channel 6 and Channel 22.

TBS Japan was first launched in 1955 and since then, it has managed to capture a large number of audience in terms of national level as well as international level. TBS live is also affiliated to JNN which is another news network based in Japan.

Some of the famous online live programs of TBS include:

  • Another World
  • Passions
  • Sanma’s
  • Utaban
  • Food battle club
  • Evening 5
  • Lincoln
  • Survivor.

Now you can watch free online TBS live programs right here and stay updated with every event and news that takes place.