Watch Rusiya Al-Yaum (Russian Federation) Live Online

Watch Rusiya Al-Yaum live online. Watch free online Rusiya Al-Yaum live broadcast. Rusiya Al-Yaum is a free Arabic television which broadcasts online live news from its headquarters based in Moscow Russia.

Rusiya Al-Yaum live is currently owned by RIA Novosti and was first launched in May 2007. The channel has its live broadcast currently available in Europe, Middle East and North Africa. Rusiya Al Yaum is some what related to Russia Today, another Russian news channel. In fact media critics believe that Rusiya Al Yaum live has the same team as Russia Today, the only difference is that it broadcasts in Arabic language.

Some of the famous Rusiya Al Yaum online live programs include:

  • Panorama
  • Persona
  • Zoom
  • Weekly report
  • Press review
  • Documentaries

Now you can watch free online Rusiya Al Yaum live broadcast and stay updated with the latest news feeds and events that take place around the world.

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