Now watch Free Live TV on your iPad with

If you own an iPad then you would definitely be interested to watch free TV shows on it .So, now we have a free new service called  FilmOn,by which you can enjoy high quality television shows on your iPad which would be free. This service works not just on your iPad but its working quit well on iPhone too, although it’s better to watch it on iPad because of its bigger screen. It would have many popular channels which includes ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN, BBC, Sky News, ITV and many cigarettes

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The amazing thing about this service is that it does not require any app which means it does not require the approval of Apple as you can directly watch shows by visiting from your iPad.It has the functionality to see TV schedule so you would know when your favourate show would be online. You can also pause the TV show and search TV guides.

Well iPad users would really be happy to watch these channels on their amazing device but the channels owners are obviously not pleased with this service and they have already filled a lawsuit against it.But the people in FilmOn are confident that they are operating within existing US copyright law and they will win the legal battle against these networks.

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