iPhone App Word Lens Can Translate Life Into Something Amazing

there is new productive and mind blowing app in iTunes and its called Word Lens. It is an app that translates English text to and from Spanish on the fly, is a reminder of just how powerful apps can be. But how does it really work? Well it isn't prefect to say, but it still is pretty damn amazing.

Word Lens is a new augmented reality app for iOS devices that instantly translates printed words from one language to another in real time using the camera on your iPhone. What you do is point your camera lens to something that is written in Spanish and it will immediately translate it for you into English. How awesome is that? A lens dictionary. What it really does is uses text recognition technology to work out what the word or phrase is, then translates it into the new language using automatic translation software and at blistering speed. And the best thing is that the translation is pasted over the original location making it even more impressive.

The app itself is free, with demo options to reverses any word it detect, and to erase the words completely, but the Spanish to English and English to Spanish translation services are $4.99 / £2.99 each via an in app purchase. So far these are the only languages but we certainly can expect for more coming soon.