Dell Venue Pro arriving before Christmas

Personally I really almost like all the Windows Phone devices but still I know the new Windows Phone 7 OS needs time to grow much stronger.One of the interesting Windows Phone 7 devices is Dell Venue Pro which is the only Windows Phone device by Dell.The device was revealed by Dell with all the other devices but unlike some of the Windows Phone 7 devices it is not available to till now.

So , the latest news about Dell Venue Pro is that if you had pre-ordered your phone before 14th then you may receive it before Christmas.It is good news for those who were waiting for it as most were given the date of 6th January to receive their device.

And if you dont know the specs of this amazing phone then here it is:

Screen Size 4.1 inch
Screen Resolution Unknown
Processor 1000Mhz
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width=”200″ valign=”top”>Weight

Dimensions 4.76 x 2.54 x 0.59 inches
OS Windows Phone 7
RAM 512 MB
Internal Storage 8GB
Expandable Storage MicrSD
Multi Touch Screen Yes
Multitasking no
Camera 5 MP
Bluetooth 2.1
Battery Unknown
Price Unknown
Internet Internet Explorer

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