Apple to bring 3D mapping on iOS devices

Apple have recently acquired C3 technologies. C3 technologies is which have their expertises in providing 3d maps. Currently apples mobile devices are running Google maps for navigation purpose. Apple who don't have their own technology up till now have finally nailed a deal which have secured them services of c3 mapping technologies.

With apple launching there new artificial intelligence system Software Siri, it might add more spice to the iOS devices with map navigation. Apple iOS have great computing power if we compare it to other mobile operating system with the likes of Windows mobile, android, Symbian, blackberry  and palm. With new 3D mapping technology and Siri combine together computing power of apple's mobile devices will move to the next level.

C3 technologies is the third ever mapping company to have been acquired by apple, previously apple have bought place base in 2009, and Poly 9 in the year 2010.

C3 technologies is a Sweden based company which specializes in rendering 2D photos into high quality and detail 3D images. This technology was previously used as as military application in order turn 2D maps into 3D realistic images for missile targeting purpose.

Other mobile platforms have to step and come out with out of box ideas, otherwise apple might get away far too easily in this marathon.