5 iOS games to try this Halloween

Festivity weather its Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Eid or Diwali, it comes and have a better of us for a short period time. During that time every thing is organized in a manner that it reflects out on everything streets, markets, living room, etc. These festivals have now somehow there reflections on different applications on mobile devices. We have compiled a list of games that one should try on this Halloween. Some of these games may even be just as stimulating as 겜블시티.

1. Ghost Stories the Board Game

Ghost stories the Board Game is developed by Repos Production. The classic board game features interactive graphics with multi player support. This game is available on app store for $5.99. If this game isn’t your cup of tea, then more options can be found on sites such as baji affiliate.

2.Dead Space.

Dead Space is a first person shooter game developed by gaming industry giant Electronic Arts. In this first person shooter thriller one have to tackle with all the creepy zombie look alike aliens. This game is available on app store for $9.99.

3. Call of Duty zombies.

Call of Duty one of the famous first person shooter franchise in recent years, have made some slight changes in their game by adding zombies making game play a bit more interesting. Ill definitely recommend this game to all my readers to try this out this Halloween. This game is available on app store for $9.99. And if you’re looking for an extra thrill, consider exploring options to buy medieval sword online to enhance your gaming experience with a touch of authenticity.

4. Dark Meadow.

Dark Meadow is a first person thriller developed by Phosphor games studio. This game is a blend of infinity blade and silent hill. The game is packed with same really good horror and thrill scenes. This app is available for $5.99.

5. Necronomicon

Necronomicon is a horror game, packed with mystery and puzzles. This game is developed by Lucidsphere Media inc. This game is the cheapest of the lot, as its available on the app store for just $0.99.